Marvin & WOW saddles Australia

Marvin often comes across a lot of saddle fitting issues and sees it as his duty and responsibility that gear fits properly. Extensive experience working with many different saddle fitters and saddle makes have lead to Marvin come on board to the team of Qualified WOW Saddle fitters and retailers. Being part of the WOW Saddles Australia Team allows Marvin to fit a superb saddle to all clients and horses. WOW saddleswill assure that you and your horses will perform with the most comfort and freedom in movement possible!

Saddlery for the 21st century

It’s designed for the horse and rider, it’s modular, it’s adaptable – it’s clever.

Where science meets art.

The saddle should assist the rider in maintaining proper position while allowing freedom of movement for the horse. It should encourage communication and has to be comfortable for both. The WOW™ designers have applied science to the art of saddle making. Longitudinal rigidity, lateral flexion, constant contact, greater bearing surface and even pressure. It is not just how it feels, it is about what actually happens. Science and measurement.

Where technology meets tradition.

The best aniline leather, machine prepared for repeatable quality, hand finished to deliver a beautifully crafted product. Modular in design with easily interchangeable seats flaps and panels to deliver unmatched performance for the ever-changing needs of horse and riders. Tradition delivers quality, technology delivers performance for life.

A saddle for all situations.

Proven at the highest levels in Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Endurance and Racing, the technology embedded in all products delivers affordable comfort and performance at all levels.  Equestrian activities are founded on the partnership of horse and rider.  WOW™ products are designed to deliver lifetime performance for the partnership.